What is your marketing policy ? 

Since Ashine started to export to European clients in 1995, we have been focused on providing OEM/ODM services to our clients all around the world. Ashine is proud to be the one behind its clients, and support the big brands in the markets.

What are the specialties of your company?

Ashine produces the full line of diamond tools for floor grinding and polishing in its own plant. With good planning production and excellent QC team, the quality consistency is guaranteed.

B)Ashine has a top level R&D team in the industry. With totally over 200 years experiences in the industry, the team has been able to solve the problems for the clients in different countries and areas, and help them develop the right diamond tools in short time to win in the competitions.

C)Ashine sales and customer service team provides the most professional services to its clients. You are welcome to send us an email and find it out today.

D)Ashine thinks highly of long-term partnership and always keeps its commitment to the clients. The core values of Ashine are, Integrity and Responsibility.

What do you do to keep quality consistency?

A)In order to keep consistency of the raw materials, Ashine keeps working with its long-term vendors, and doesn’t change the supplies for lower priced materials. Meanwhile, we keep strict QC on the materials by the professional equipment in our factory.

B)For the matured products, Ashine doesn’t change the production process and the bonds. We have the experiences to keep producing the same tool as what they were in 1995.

C)A big part of the revenue of Ashine has been invested into the upgrades of automatic production lines every year. With more automatic machines, we are able to reduce the risks of human errors and keep the consistency.

D)Last but most important, we have well setup QC system which is ISO9001 qualified, and an excellent QC team to guarantee the quality in every step of the production process.

What is the delivery time (lead time)?

The delivery time (lead time) is normally around 2 weeks.

What are special about your R&D Team ?

A)The president of Ashine, Mr. Richard Deng, is one of the first graduates with master degree in Diamond Major in China. With over 30 years experiences, he is highly respected as an expert by his professionals in the same industry.

B)The Chief Engineer, Mr. Zeng, who is in charge of our R&D team, has more than 30 years experiences in developing diamond tools for all the applications.

C)Beside the engineers in factory, our R&D team includes several professors and their research team in Sichuan University, Xiamen University and CMU, which help us to develop the new technology and keep our innovation.

D)Ashine invests in the best and professional testing equipment for R&D uses, and also develops special equipment to test the bonds on daily basis.

Did you already sell in Europe / America / Asia? Did you have some partners now?

Yes, Ashine supplies diamond tools globally and 95% export to overseas, we have close partners in Europe/America/Asia, the main market is America, Scandinavia, Germany, Japan & Pacific, please contact us for the information of specific market.

What exhibitions have you attended?

Ashine attends professional global exhibitions like WOC (World of Concrete), Munich Bauma Fair, Xiamen Stone Fair, Intermat Paris, Marmomacc Fair. Welcome to check our exhibitions information as below:

How to choose the right tools?

Good question, we have a complete solution for floor preparation, grinding, polishing and maintenance. Welcome to contact us  via email or call to find your specific recommendation.

How do I know about your product quality?

Please follow Ashine HomePage in the Social Medias as below, there're various case studies and comparison test cases, if you have further interest, please contact us for testing some samples.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/floordiamondtools


Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/ashinediamondtools/

If there are quality problems, what will you do?

Integrity and Responsibility is our core values to work with long-term partners. Ashine is 100% responsible for quality problems, for technical analysis, please send us some photos of unqualified product and let us know what happened, for example, floor condition, machinery, and how long time the tooling was working, if necessary, we'll ask you a favor to send them back and send you replacements as soon as we figure out the reason.

Do you offer free samples?

No. Instead, we are listening to the feedback and 100% after service.

What's your delivery time?

3-15 days lead time for just-in-time production.

What's the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)?

20pcs MoQ of each item/specifications.

How is the package of your pads ?

We are offering 3pcs set, 6pcs set, 9pcs set various inner box. To be customized if bulk order.

What are your payment terms?

Advance payment before production.