Ashine Officially Joined the UN Global Compact

Ashine officially joined the UN Global Compact on 22 January 2024. By signing this important compact, Ashine has committed to responsible business practices in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment, and corruption, which we have been working toward.

The UN Global Compact is a voluntary association between companies, organizations, and the United Nations that seeks to mobilize a worldwide movement of sustainable businesses and stakeholders to create the world we want.

It has always been Ashine's mission to strive for the efficient and sustainable development of global flooring industry, and to adhere to the same values and principles in every aspect of its operations.

Focus on Mechanical Polishing

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Mechanically polished concrete, as opposed to chemically polished concrete, is a more sustainable way that leaves no toxic chemicals behind, making it safe for both employees and customers. The surface of the mechanically polished floor is well refined, and the DOI and GLOSS last a long time, reducing the frequency of floor maintenance.

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High-quality, efficient diamond tooling is essential to mechanically polished concrete. The cutting-edge diamond tooling technology from Ashine guarantees the floor's durability as well as providing a long-lasting DOI and high-gloss finish.

Safe Manufacturing

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The sustainable concept is an integral part of Ashine's daily business activities. Each Ashine product/item adheres to the SDS regulations, making it safe to use and transport.

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In the year of 2021, Ashine gained the certificated by SMETA, promises:

· All employees are under good labor conditions;

· The working environment in Ashine is safe;

· The production of Ashine will not cause harmful actions to the environment;

· No under table dealings during Ashine business process.

Employee Development

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Ashine is committed to supporting the growth and development of its employees. Team-building is a vital part of Ashine's strategy to promote better communication and stronger relationships among team members.

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Ashine provides a comprehensive suite of training and development opportunities aimed at enhancing the skills and knowledge of our employees, equipping them to become leaders in their respective fields.


UNGC provides a platform for Ashine to learn from and collaborate with other businesses, organizations, and the United Nations. By sharing knowledge and best practices, we can improve our sustainability performance and contribute to global sustainability goals. It is our hope that more businesses will join this initiative and work towards a more sustainable future for all.

Post time: Feb-01-2024