Private Labeling

We are happy to help you build your brand and enhance its competitiveness. With the mature tooling in our complete product line, it's much easier for your brand to stand out in the market.


Design your packaging 

Make your brand recognizable on the shelves and real jobs. We can help you with distinctive packaging, including custom-designed labels, stickers, and whole colorful box.

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Stamp your brand

Stamp your brand or logo on the velcro of our most popular and best performance pads (transitional, semi-metal and resin), and let the customers stay with your brand and pads only.

print your logo
engraved logo

Engrave your info

Show your customers with necessary usage info and your brand or logo on a big variety of tools, e.g., PCD tooling, Metal bond tooling, Cup wheels, etc. Adding your phone number, website, or part numbers is a good idea too.

Build your coloring system

Make your different tooling systematic and recognizable in the market, with custom coloring system applied to surface prep and grinding tools. Many different colors are available for your choices.