Quality Control

Ashine has always committed to providing high-quality products to its customers, and quality control plays a significant role in achieving the goal.
The quality control goes from the production process to the non-production process of each tool.


To ensure stable and consistent product quality, Ashine has set strict standards on quality inspection. Certificates: ISO9001, SDS, MPA.

Quality Control - Ashine Diamond Tools - MPA Certificate

Quality Control System

QC steps:

Raw Material Control, Metal/Resin/Ceramic Matrix, Diamond Grit/Shape/Strength. Balance Test, Safety RPM Rotary Test, Bending Strength Test, Bonding Strength Test, Segment Hardness Control, 6S Manegement. 

QC Team Training

A monthly training program is provided for the quality control team along with improving testing techniques and renewing quality control standards within the company on a regular basis.

Quality Control - Ashine Diamond Tools - QC Team Training - 2