Behind the scene: Ashine’ s core competitiveness — customer service team

On December 22 of 2020, Ashine Customer Service Team year-end summary and 2021 work plan report started on time.

The epidemic that has swept across in 2020 has made every company faces severe challenges, and even more challenge the company's strength, which includes not only hard power, but also soft power. The customer service team has done a lot of work for customers behind the scenes, including:

01 Trustworthy
The customer once placed an order to purchase products from a domestic supplier, but did not receive the goods after payment. Even if they have been deceived and are wary of domestic manufacturers, customers still have unconditional trust in Ashine and entrust us to help purchase domestic products.

02 Without return
When customers are in urgent need of a certain product, when the shipping container is in short supply and the space is not booked, Ashine customer service does not count the compensation, and does everything possible to obtain shipments for customers and solve their urgent needs; sincere care for customers during the epidemic, free of charge Donate epidemic prevention materials.

03 Heart to heart
Affected by the epidemic, ocean freight rates have risen sharply. Based on the principle of considering from the customer's point of view, Ashine customer service has done a lot of extra work spontaneously, comparing the price and timeliness of many logistics and other key factors, and finding the most efficient and fastest way for customers to save freight.

04 Normalize training
During the epidemic, the customer service department continued to promote the training of factory production and quality control teams to further enhance the quality awareness of all employees and enhance the company's competitiveness.
05 In-depth service
The future plan of the customer service department is always to serve customers in depth, treat every detail seriously, and use actions to create an irreplaceable sense of customer dependence and trust.

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. Every small but great of us is experiencing history and witnessing history. In this difficult and special year, every employee of Ashine has been adhering to the spirit of intensive cultivation of products, continuous improvement of product quality and in-depth customer service. We are also very honored to work together with every customer to spend this special and a meaningful year. Now that the east wind thaws and the sting insects are beginning to vibrate, we believe that the future of Ashine will continue to adhere to the high sense of responsibility and professionalism of Ashine, and forge ahead, let Ashine become a high-quality symbol, completely change the low-quality image of made-in-China, and become the world's most respected supplier of floor grinding and polishing diamond tools!

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Post time: Feb-05-2021