Grouting case using Ashine’s E-shine Wet Polishing Pad

There are many factors that could lead to pin-holing, and the most common contributors include:

  • Mixing: It’s inevitable that air being entrained  during mixing process, the slow escape of air from the slab while the overlayment is curing will eventually become pin-holing;
  • Thermal Expansion: Some aggregates retain moisture at a higher concentration thus leading to outgassing as the concrete heats up;
  • Grit loss: Small grits of aggregate that are wear off during slab-opening process with metal-bond tooling, could leave an amount of micro-pits (pinholes).

This article demonstrates a grouting method using Ashine’s Resin-bond Polishing Pads, which greatly mitigate the damage that could be caused by pinholes.


Surface condition: Terrazzo floor with 10,000 Psi and Mohs Scale between 7-8.

Fully exposure of aggregate is required, it is highly likely to find pinholes and micro-pits at the polishing stage


Step 1: The grouting process starts with 100 grit Resin-Bond Dry Polishing Pads.

Due to the dust control permit at this project, all the dust must be collected with heavy-duty vacuum.


Step 2: Spraying Lythic Densifier from Solomon Colors, combined with dust produced at 100 grit evenly on floor.

Since Lythic Densifier is composed of Colloidal Silica without reactive metal, no whiting or residue would be left to remove or scrub off.



Step 3: Ashines 150 girt E-shine Wet Polishing Pads are applied to grind while it still wet.

The densifier and dust will create a paste which forced by E-shine Polishing Pads into the small holes.


Step 4: Use 100 grit dry polishing pads again to grind away the spare slurry and clean the surface thoroughly.


Step 5: Applying the Lythic Densifier evenly throughout the entire surface and let it cure overnight before continue to the next polishing process.


Final presentation

Pinholes greatly impair the gloss factor, and over time, they start to hold dirt and grime further dulling the shiny surface. To achieve a shiny and sustainable outcome, grouting is one of the essential steps that shouldnt be missed


Post time: Jul-20-2022