With a little faith and a little light, the second Fang Piano Charity Concert was successfully held

On the evening of December 31, 2020, the second charity concert jointly organized by the pianist Fang Yan and the charity organization "Dandangzhe Foundation" was successfully held in Xiamen Hongtai Concert Hall. The wonderful performance attracted the audience's attention. There were bursts of applause. Ashine Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. and Huarui Culture have the honor to participate in the sponsorship.

This concert is not just a pure piano performance, but also a charity performance. Like the first charity concert, all income from this concert (after deduction of activity expenses) will be donated to Fujian Dandangzhe Foundation, dedicated to the "Every class has a Book Corner" reading program, by using music, the most beautiful language, to support the high-quality reading of rural children. At the same time, this is also a positive response to the Xiamen Municipal Party Committee and Government's initiative to build a "Loving Xiamen".

In addition to the piano repertoire, the concert will also incorporate younger and more diversified musical elements. Fang Yan and many musicians will perform together. The combination of piano, violin and other art forms makes this concert more diversified. The performance guests such as the young violinist and the chief of the China Youth Symphony Orchestra (NYO-China) Xie Liyuan and the young pianist Li Guochao from Germany brought a colorful musical feast to the audience.

Love ignites love and life affects life. Ashine is committed to providing high-quality diamond tools for the concrete grinding and polishing market and actively promoting the development of China's floor industry. It has also been actively taking social responsibility in the future. Ashine will continue to respond to social needs, make more contributions to public welfare undertakings, and deliver the warmth and love of our floor professionals to the society!

Post time: Mar-05-2021