WOCA Forum 2020: Richard, the president of Ashine, delivers a speech

December 9, 2020
World of Concrete Asian Expo
Grand opening!

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13:00-14:00 B01 Salon Area of ​​W3 Hall, Mr. Richard Deng, President of Ashine Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. gave a speech on "Application of Diamond Tools on Grinding Stones and Wear-resistant Hardened Floors".

Firstly, he asked the audience that what are the main problems and pain points encountered by the professionals on the scene in the process of polishing and polishing inorganic grindstone floors with competing products? Then he introduced the whole process steps and advantages of the super-high-efficiency overall solution, and introduces in detail how Ashine provides super-high-efficiency solutions for each main problems (including difficulty in leveling and removing scratches, low polish and gloss, etc.).

President Deng took specific projects as examples to calculate the four costs of grinding discs, worker wages, project manager fees, and company management fees in the grinding and polishing process; and the results show that the use of high-efficiency super-dazzling grinding disc solutions not only greatly reduces the overall cost but can save a lot of time, and complete the project earlier. President Deng also analyzed the stunning overall solution for epoxy grinding stone flooring and the stunning three-step grinding solution for wear-resistant hardened flooring. It is strongly recommended that you have a comprehensive budget before the project. Many people on the floor who are willing to learn are gathered at the salon.

We look forward to more opportunities for exchanges in the future!

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2020 WOCA has launched a new "Enterprise Communication Salon & Engineering Exhibition Area", which aims to help high-quality brands in the industry share products and technical achievements, and promote the effect of exhibiting companies; thank WOCA for providing a platform for sharing and discussing freely.

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