Case Study with Mapei Ultratop White Terrazzo

Floor Condition: 

White Terrazzo, 7-8 Mohs hardness. Mapei Ultratop White is a quick-set self-leveling mortar. Ultratop is classified as CT – C40 – F10 – A9 – A2fl-s1 according to EN 13813:2002 Standards, which means it is a cementitious-based product with compression strength of 40MPa/5800Psi.


Machine Used:

Innovatech PREDATOR 2400 weighted 670lbs for Metal and Hybrid tooling.

Hyper Grinder HRC 750 weighted 990lbs for 400’s-800’s Resin-Bond diamonds.


Clients concern:

1) The project starting time has been delay for 3 days, and the overlay was poured in a hot and humid indoor space. Therefore, it has passed the best grinding stage for the overlay, client demands a more aggressive metal than regular medium-bond to open up the surface.

2) The Hybrid and Resin bond diamonds must not leave color mark in any form to dye the white surface.


Ashine solution:


A newly developed metal-bond formula from Ashine R&D laboratory is adopted in this project, which have more aggressive grinding ability and longer lifespan.

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Skippers from 50’s to 200’s will be used after 60# metal to transit rough metal scratches to a smooth and even refinement for later polishing. The skipper pads are specially designed to remove floor imperfection,roughness and scratches on different surface.

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At 400’s and 800’s, use MCP-Mshine Concrete Pad for the last steps to achive high gloss and clarity quickly. Ashine patented raindrop appearance have the advantage of super soft and good flexibility to fit uneven surface. Non-dyeing feature is one of the main reason to use on white surface.

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Concrete Burnishing Pads are used as the finishing touch.  With the diamond buffing pad, the pure mechanical cleaning and polishing can provide long-lasting gloss without effecting the distinctness.

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Case Demonstration


60 grit metal-bond scraper to open up. For this project, we recommended a more aggressive medium bond which have better diamond-holding strength, extend the diamond effective utilisation rate and the overall lifespan.



Client use 60 grit metal to grout the surface with densifier. First, wipe away the little rocks and dust from the previous stage. Then spreading Mapei ULTRATOP STUCCO evenly on the floor while grinding with 60 grit metal-bond scraper. The Mapei ULTRATOP STUCCO is formulated in the same color as its self-leveling motar. The non-organic property allow it to last longer than resinous grouting solution, and it will not wear away. After finishing the grouting procedure, leave floor dry overnight.


Skipper-50 grit Hybrid-bond diamond are used to grind away the exceeding residuals from grouting and applying MEPECRETE LI HARDENER. Continue using Hybrid-bond diamond with 100’s and 200’s.



At polishing stage, client switch to MCP(Mshine Concrete Pad) for 400 grit and 800 grit, to accomplish quicker shining effect.


To achieve better gloss, 1500 grit burnishing pad are used with high speed burnishing machine.


The final result after using 3000 grit burnishing pad, to attain a mirror-like finish.


Post time: Sep-22-2022